If You Give Your Wife the Okay to Paint…

One thing is for sure.  Many Americans are taking the opportunity to use the repercussions  of no social life to spend time completing those home projects that have been looming.  A word of caution though to all of those spouses out there, Laura Numeroff  If You Give A Mouse A Cookie style, you may want to think twice before you say “yes!”

If you give your wife the okay to paint…

If you give your wife the okay to paint the kitchen walls, she is going to want to paint the trim too.

Once you paint the trim (4 coats to cover the previous wood stain!) she is going to ask you to fill in the nail holes…again!

When she notices how clean the walls look next to the old backsplash tile, she is going to ask you to replace it.  If you only had a wet saw..$$$! 

In the meantime, while she is waiting for a professional to do the new tiled backsplash, she will notice that the ceiling can lights are discolored, so she will head back to the local home improvement chain to buy LED can lights.  

When purchasing the energy efficient lights, she will remind you how much money you will save on electricity so she will suggest that you purchase new hardware for every…single…door on the first floor.  

Once the new lights are installed and the hardware is gleaming, she will notice that the mudroom and half bath and hallway and living room and dining room and office need a facelift too. 

So, you will head back out to the local hardware store to purchase more paint and wallpaper remover. 

Realizing that you are in way over your head with projects, you will call your in-laws for reinforcement!

Once your in-laws arrive, the wallpaper is stripped and the walls are painted, you will notice that the bifold louvered doors in the mudroom are hideous and even an attempt at painting them will be grounds for divorce.  So, this time you will send your son to the home improvement chain to purchase pre-painted doors.

Waiting for the new doors  to be installed (by a professional because your closet opening are smaller than the standard width) and your in-laws armed with brushes, you will notice that the entry doors need some refreshing too, so you will head back to the local hardware store to choose “Tiffany Blue” to brighten things up.

With eye-catching fresh paint on the doors, you will notice that the house is in extreme need of a power-washing, so you will hire a professional to remove the mildew stains from the filthy structure.  

Once the exterior of the house is sparkling clean, you will notice that the shutters need a coat of paint too…

Back inside, with your bathroom brightly painted the Benjamin Moore color of the year, your wife will suggest that you update the towel rack and toilet paper holder.  Armed with a drill and anchors, you will drill and patch, then drill and patch some more until she determines that they are both in the “perfect accessible locations!”

Thinking you are done and walking along exterior and interior of the house to inspect your work, you wife will compile a long list of other outside minor repairs that she “happens to notice”, including the damaged siding. 

Chances are, if you give your wife the okay to replace the siding, she is going to want some trim paint to go with it!

What kind of home updates have you been doing? Have you been able to limit your projects or are you having the domino effect too? Do you wish that all of your home renovation projects turned out exactly like the ones on Chip and Joanna Gains’ hit TV Show Fixer Upper?


2 thoughts on “If You Give Your Wife the Okay to Paint…

  1. Hahahaha, now that is funny. I remember the last time the living room was refreshed in . . . . taupe and that pretty blue green that everyone loved!!!

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