The Phone Call

I am sitting down to write my “Monday Slice”.  A warm cup of tea serves as motivation. I am tired tonight and not sure how easy it will be for me to write. I look at my list of ideas and one jumps out.  Yes, I can tell this story with a touch of humor, while still keeping it real. I begin to write.

As I put my thoughts down, my phone begins to ring.  I am just getting in a writing groove, so I am tempted to hit the ignore button.  I can call her back later, I think.  But it is 8:30pm.  Will I really call her back tonight?  And, is everything okay?  She rarely calls me at this time. Something inside me tells me to answer the call.

Relief enters her voice as I say, “Hello.”  I ask her how she is doing and she says not well.  

My tea begins to cool as I listened to her share her worries.  My creative energy shifts to empathy. I have had days when I have needed someone to talk with too.  I share that I have also felt overwhelmed at times. I help her to see some positives in her troubling situation and give her a few ideas to help distract her mind from what worries her. I tell her a funny story.

We hang up with a laugh and I tell her that I will talk to her soon.  

I am no longer feeling the story that I initially began to write so I hit “save”.  Maybe tomorrow I will be in the mood to be creatively funny again.  

Today, I will write about what made me change my mind.

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Have you ever had your plans interupted because someone else needed you?


7 thoughts on “The Phone Call

  1. Yes, I have had that happen. So glad you were there for that person. I know I’ve needed that empathetic ear from a family member or friend at times and have hopefully given my empathetic ear to my family and friends.

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  2. A quick shift and a decision to be there for your friend makes for a perfect slice. Isn’t this what we tell our little writers to do? Abandon and write what’s fresh on our minds? The other slice will always be there.

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  3. Yes, a former colleague recently reminded me of an old saying: We make plans and God laughs. I appreciate how it takes a certain energy to sit and write a slice, and you wanted to go with the momentum. Sounds like you made the right call.

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