I Am From…

Anne-Marie Heckt: I Am From - idelette

I am from pizza

From Comet and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

I am from the Carlton Street home

Cozy, tidy, feeling of love

I am from marigolds,

Golden, growing in a circular flower garden

I am from family room blanket picnics and faulty gallbladders

From Dick and Kris

I am from the altruistic and the compassionate

From “Kiss your aunts” and “I am having a great time with people I love”

I am from summer family cookouts and road trips

I am from Hudson,

Chocolate chip cookies and mocha chip ice cream

From the vacations in York Beach, 

Laughter, “drink of the day”, quality time together

Sunday car rides in the back of the station wagon

And walks on wooded trails with our dogs

I am from these moments

Loved, nurtured and shaped by my parents

Treasured memories captured and stored within my heart


5 thoughts on “I Am From…

  1. Beautiful! I love this kind of poem. We wrote one as a staff once during a PD and I’ve shared versions of it with friends. I think they are so beautiful. I hadn’t thought about it in a long time, so thank you for sharing and reminding me.

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  2. This is a lovely way to capture self. I love the all knowing nature of the way it sounds. As I read it I found myself saying, “Me too!” or “Wow” or “Interesting.” It actually makes me wonder what my kids would write in a poem like this!

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