COVID Vaccine- The Musical

I would like to thank fellow Slicer, Suzanne for her inspiration for this post. Your comment the other day really got my creative juices flowing.

My husband says that there is a song for every occasion.  He has been know to quip lyrics right in the middle of a conversation.  Sometimes I find it to be funny.  Other times, I am annoyed.  I guess it all depends on my mood at the current time.

But today, I am getting my second dose of my vaccine and I wake up with a song in my head.  I jump out of the bed and start to sing “Vaccine, Vaccine, VACCINE, Vaccine…”

Am I on  Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist?

On my way to work the sun is shining. I am thinking, “Oh, what a beautiful morning. Oh, what a beautiful day. I’ve got a beautiful feeling. Everything’s going my way…”

At 9:55 my husband is on his way to pick me up for our appointments.  Afraid we are going to be late, I start to walk up the school driveway to meet him on the street. “Hold on, I’m coming…”

On the drive to the clinic, I think about the excitement and nerves that are brewing inside of me.  “Anticipation is making me wait…”

We arrive at the appointment and I sit down in the chair.  I am prepped and my second dose is administered. It is as if invisible streamers and balloons float down from the ceiling.  “Celebrate good times, come on!”

We are sitting in the observation room. I look down at my vaccine card. “I’ve Got A Golden Ticket…”

As my husband and I exit our appointment, I take him by the elbow and quietly begin to sing “Zip A Dee Doo Dah, my, oh my, what a wonderful day!”

My husband seems rather annoyed by my singing in the parking lot. I guess it is only fun for him if he is the one singing!

Have you had your vaccine yet? Do you find yourself randomly getting a song stuck in your head related to what you are experiencing? Do you secretly wish that you worked with Zoey at SPARQPOINT too?


11 thoughts on “COVID Vaccine- The Musical

  1. Every time we take a screen break on a remote learning day I always come back and say “Welcome back” and then I have the Welcome Back Kotter theme song stuck in my head . A few times I have started to sing it but unfortunately I am dating myself and it is not only lost on my k students but it’s also lost on their millennial parents.

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    • Omg. I do the same thing!! I played the theme song as they walked in my room after our three week fully remote time. The young ABA therapists had no idea, but Susan and a few others definitely did. I also refer to myself as Mr. Kotter sometimes because I went to Mulready as a kid too.


  2. This is such a fun post! I love connecting songs to daily life and my fiancé often sings his way through tasks so I am used to it as well. I have had my first dose of vaccine and get my second next week. I don’t currently have a song in my head but I’m sure one will appear throughout my day 🙂

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  3. Julie, you did it! I knew you had it in you, your first Musical! I love love love it. Especially that you included the songs, so clever. I do believe there is a future awaiting you with Lin-Manuel!

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  4. I loooove this post. I too think in songs so yes I live Zoey all the time! You made this slice work and adding the video clips made it – well – extraordinary!
    Thanks for the smile! We need more smiles thinking about vaccines.

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