My Favorite Comfort Food

With 18 report cards to complete tonight, I really needed my favorite comfort food.  Made with just three ingredients, it checks all of the boxes for deliciousness.

  • Melted cheddar cheese
  • Buttery goodness
  • Warm bread

You guessed it…a grilled cheese sandwich.

But not everyone knows that there is some skill involved with making this one pan, calorie rich delicacy. You see, the secret to making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich is patience.  You have to let the butter slowly melt into the bread over a medium-low heat.  This allows the cheese to melt at the same rate as the butter browns the bread.  Perfection.

As I ate each bite, my body was preparing itself to get those report cards done.  Thank goodness for comfort food!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Imgflip


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