Treasure Hunting

I walk for miles at a time.


Shoulders arched. Head facing down.

The sand below my feet is firm.

The sun warms my back. 

The cool breeze is refreshing.

My toes become alive when they make contact with the frigid water.

Ebbs and flows.

Laughter, conversations, yelling spoil the tranquility of the roaring waves.

Yet my ears are able to tune into each crash.

Time to turn around.

I adjust my route and move closer to the tide line.

The sun warms my front.

I am thankful for the visor on my cap.

My course is altered. 

Children are digging, playing, learning, living.

I smile.

I go around them.

My eye spies something.

Could it be what I have been looking for?

I pick it up.

I hold it up to the sunlight.

It is not ready.

I toss it into the sea where it belongs.

There must be more I think.

So I continue with my quest.

I walk on.


Then I see it glistening in the sand.

Blue, cloudy, smooth.  Aged to perfection. A keeper.

Litter crafted into a gem.

It is my favorite treasure.

Sea Glass.

Giant Cobalt Blue Sea Glass by SeaFindsScotland Rare Scottish | Etsy | Blue  sea glass, Sea glass crafts, Sea glass


8 thoughts on “Treasure Hunting

  1. We used to find sea glass all the time as kids here along the Jersey shore. Less litter though has meant so much less sea glass. Funny how I never thought of it as litter! I love the way you wrote this because it is like the waves rolling in rolling out and the occasional big find. Feels like summer reading it!

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  2. I love this post! I too collect sea glass and I think of my jars packed with years of sea glass collecting as blessings too numerous to count, all treasures in their own way..

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  3. Beautifully written, Julie ! I love walking on the beach, especially early morning and early evening, and can’t wait to enjoy it again this summer. Hope to discover some sea glass of my own ❤️

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  4. I was so curious and in tune with the tension of the hunt I failed to see the wave structure so when someone pointed this out I was enthralled and drawn in even further. Great use of tension and pace.

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