The Fire Pit Table Adventure

Thumbing through the latest ad from the local warehouse store, I came across the exact gas fire pit table that I had been looking for.  And, it was on sale!

Past experience told me that if I wanted it, I should go and get it now.  Items such as these tend to sell quickly. So, my husband and I hopped into our SUV and drove straight to the store.  I quickly scanned the aisles and made a beeline straight to the fire pit.  

“Here it is!” I exclaimed.  (Maybe a little too loudly, but I was excited.)

There were only two boxes left.  

My  husband and I tried to lift the cardboard cube, but it was too heavy for me.  I needed to find someone from customer service to assist us, so I announced that I was headed that way to get help.  My husband started to follow me.

“You can’t leave.  What if someone else comes and takes it?  You have to stay here and let your claim on this item be known!” I told him.

Of course, he thought I was overreacting and a bit ridiculous, but oddly enough he listened to me and stood right next to the box until I returned with a store associate.

The two of them managed to get the box onto a flatbed.  The kind gentleman even helped us load it into the car after we paid for it. 

Since we still needed a few more things, we went back into the store.  We walked by the fire pits and wouldn’t you know, the last one was being loaded onto a flatbed.  

“See,” I said.  “We almost didn’t get one.”

“Not really,” my husband replied.  “If we came in now, there would still be one left.”

Why does he always have to be right?

My husband is always right. Just ask him. | Anniversary funny, E cards,  Husband

9 thoughts on “The Fire Pit Table Adventure

  1. This sounds like my marriage, too – I’m bustling/hustling/organizing to get things done, and my husband keeps things calm and sensible. Now, go enjoy that fire pit!

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  2. Julie, reminds me of the time you stayed by the table I wanted at Home Goods until I got assistance. It was the only one if it’s kind and a woman came over and seemed interested, and you informed her it was already taken! Thank you because I still love it!! By the way, love your new fire pit 😊

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  3. It reminds me of when I worked at our church thrift shop. Sometimes I would have a hard time determining if a shirt was a man’s or a woman’s. One of my co-volunteers told me always remember the man’s shirt buttons on the right as they are alway “right”. Have a great day.

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  4. Well maybe someone else had walked by and noticed they were already gone?? You did the right thing by insisting your husband stay. And that gorgeous fire pit! Perfect. Our neighbors have one and if we sit back a few feet we can enjoy the flames together and be socially distanced!

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