As I wait, I watch.

It makes the time go by.

I ponder why each person is here.

Are they here to support a  family member or friend?

Are they on a break from work?

Are they a patient?

It is a Sociology study.

Different genders, races, ethnicities and ages brought together at this exact moment in time.

Some stare into space as if in a trance.

Others bury their faces in their phones.

A man who closely resembles Stephen King reads a novel.

Another man types furiously on his laptop.

A few women are eating.

One woman is asleep.

Masks cover their faces, but I feel as if I can see their thoughts.








Employees chat with each other at the desk, but the people in the chairs are silent.

One by one they leave.

On to wherever it is that brought them into this building.

For them, the waiting has ended.


7 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. This poem is perfection. I love this structure and find myself wondering where these people were. I immediately envisioned a vaccination clinic and remembered my own time people watching while I waited my 15 minutes each time.

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  2. Makes me think of waiting in a doctor’s/hospital ‘s waiting room for an appointment either for me or a loved one. So many thoughts and feelings going through my mind and wondering if those in the waiting area are experiencing the same.

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