It’s Mommy and Daddy

For my readers who may not know me personally, I need you to know something to help you better understand today’s story. 

My husband and I are a comedy act together.  We spend our days trying to outsmart the other with our quick wit.  We find humor in self-deprecation, especially when it involves the both of us. This keep us entertained and in love!

So, the other day when we went to visit our daughter at her city apartment building, my husband rang the buzzer to let us in.  I  anticipated that he was going to say something humorous to try to make her laugh, so I my fast thinking skills were activated.

He did not disappoint me.  When the automated voice said to state your name, he replied with his male voice, “Mommy.”  

I quickly added, “and Daddy!”

My daughter laughed and buzzed us into her building.  

But, what neither my husband nor I knew at the time, was that her boyfriend also received a phone call alerting him to the arrival of “Mommy and Daddy.” He was at work at the time, in a lab at a prominent nearby university.  Unable to answer on his phone, he took the call on his Apple watch…on speaker phone.  Everyone around him heard our misgendered voices saying, “It’s Mommy and Daddy!”

One very confused co-worker asked him if he was receiving a call for “adult dirty conversations”  (He actually used another term, but I am trying to keep this post G-rated.)

Her boyfriend completely forgot that we were coming to visit, so he was baffled beyond measure.  He knew it wasn’t a solicitation, but he had no idea who “Mommy and Daddy” were.  So, the befuddled boyfriend called up my daughter to ask what the heck was going on. She quickly explained the situation to him and he laughed at our immature humor.

After that, my husband, daughter and I all had a good chuckle when we pictured him trying to convince his co-worker that “Mommy and Daddy” are his girlfriend’s wisecracker parents.  

Fortunately, her boyfriend has a sense of humor too. Although he may think twice now before answering his phone on speaker!



8 thoughts on “It’s Mommy and Daddy

  1. So funny! I loved how you walked us through your thought patterns (my fast thinking skills were activated) and then so clearly drew the picture of what your daughter’s boyfriend was going through (Everyone around him heard our misgendered voices saying, “It’s Mommy and Daddy!”)! I’m still chuckling! Good job!

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