It’s March the Last!

This morning, I was conducting an online meeting with my Kindergarten students.  As a part of our daily morning meeting routine, we figure out the date.  After I highlighted the number “31”, I asked my students if someone could tell me what today’s date was.  One student, very excited that it was her father’s birthday, raised her hand.  Figuring she most likely knew the date, I chose her.  She confidently replied, “It is March the last!”

Well, she was not wrong.  I am sure her father told her that his birthday is on the last day in March. To her, today is “March the last.”

But her father’s birthday is not the only “last” she is experiencing today. It was also our class’s last fully remote day as all of the children will begin full-time in person school on Monday.  We have been counting down the days to this much anticipated occasion.  

Then I personally began to think more about her claim.

It is my last week as a hybrid teacher, who teaches fully remote on Wednesdays.

It is the last day of the 10,000 step fitness challenge that I have been competing in this month. I sliced about this challenge earlier in the  month. I am proud to report that I hit the 10K step mark 25/31 days.  (Technically I hit it 26 days, but I left my Fitbit at home charging on one day, so I was unable to track it. But whatever!) I am competing for skin care products, which is almost as motivating as ice cream. I will find out tomorrow if I had the  most days, but honestly it doesn’t matter.  I was able to shed 5 pounds of winter fat and I feel better for being more active.  To me, I am already a winner!

And…it is the last day of the Slice of Life  Writing Challenge.  I was able to write every day for 31 straight days, an accomplishment that rivals my walking goal.  I managed to comment on at least three posts almost every day.  One day, I participated in a virtual wine tasting in the evening and completely forgot to comment.  Oops!

But with every end, there comes a new beginning: 

  • Tomorrow will be April 1st and I will be told about 100 times that I have a spider on my head. 
  • My Kindergarten class will be all together for the first time this school year and I will begin teaching to just in-person students again.
  • I will start a new fitness challenge that involves drinking more water, which means more than one trip to the bathroom a day!
  • My writing hobby will continue on in the form of the Slice of Life Tuesdays.  Instead of writing daily, I will commit to post once a week to the same online community.   I look forward to reading the stories of fellow teachers who write.  There are so many talented people in this community and I hope to learn and grow as a writer with their modeling and support.

So, “Happy March the Last” everyone.  Cheers to new beginnings.


7 thoughts on “It’s March the Last!

  1. I so enjoy your blogs, Julie.You are a very talented writer. I am so impressed that you met your challenges and you lost 5 pounds in one of your challenges. Now only if I could follow suit. Good luck going back to the classroom. I know that is where your heart is. The kids are so lucky to have you as their teacher as I can tell you totally enjoy being a teacher and love each one of your students. Happy Easter to you and yours.

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  2. I enjoyed reading something from you everyday this month. I’m going to miss it…I’ve looked forward to each day’s topic. Congrats on meeting your writing goal. I’m so happy to hear your step challenge gave you good results. Last, but not least, I wish you luck on your first day of full class in school on Monday(without too much sugar overload from Easter on Sunday). Love you bunches, my friend!!!

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