My SimpLISTic Life

My family is a list family.  We make lists for everything from groceries to household jobs. I think it is satisfying to be able to cross something off a list.  It is a sense of accomplishment!

But, not everyone in my family loves the lists the same way I do.  So, I’ve had to be creative over the years.  

For my husband, I found this list on Amazon

Every Saturday morning, I wake up, make a cup of coffee and begin filling out this list under the tasks, appointments, people to contact and errands column.  Then, I leave it on the kitchen island and go about my business.  When he emerges from his evening slumber, he is greeted with his Adulting To-Do List.  

My husband is a great sport when it comes to completing the list.  He checks off each item as he finishes it.  He also marks off the checklist section indicating to me if he “wore pants” today and “didn’t set anything on fire.”  His mood and how he “adulted like” are usually colored in for me to review too.  

For my children, I had to offer choice for their “To-Do List”.  If I made a list like my husband’s for them, they would just moan.  So, enter the “You Pick Two” list.  (The title credit goes to Panera Bread …the original menu choice offerer.) 

I would write down 8 household cleaning jobs that needed to be done.  The first one awake got to write his/her name next to the two that they wanted to complete.  Then, the second one would choose. My husband and I would put our names on the remaining jobs.  

My son is a hockey player, so he tended to be up and out early on most weekend days. This meant that he was usually able to pick first.  My daughter would accuse him of taking the “easier” jobs and it became somewhat of a competition in our family.

I honestly didn’t care who did what job, just as long as they were getting done.  The fact that my kids were arguing about who would empty the trash or clean a toilet just made it that more interesting!

Menu lists are also a part of my list making routine.  I list what we will be eating for each meal during the week.  This list is done on paper and can be found hung in my kitchen.  We make this list based on food that we have already in our home or recipes that we would like to make.  We don’t always stick to the exact menu, but it serves as a guide to help eliminate the “what should we make for dinner” question.

Another list that I complete on a weekly basis is a grocery/household items list.  I can never remember what I need when it is time to go to the store.  For years, I would write down what we needed as soon as we ran out on a pad of paper, but recently we began using an app on our phones.  This way, we always have the list with us when we go to the store.

I also keep a Christmas card list, a monthly budget list and writing ideas list.  On Amazon, I have a wishlist.  

One list that I need to physically write down is my Bucket List.  I will say places that I would like to visit or things I would like to do, but have not written them down yet. I guess it is time for me to begin writing that list too!

Do you use lists to help you too?  What kinds of lists have you tried over the years?  What is on your bucket list?


5 thoughts on “My SimpLISTic Life

  1. For years I didn’t make lists. I had an uncanny ability to remember the typical list things. Now I need lists, many like those you list: grocery, e.g. I keep travel destinations on Pinterest, and I make a list (an itinerary) for travel. Even though I have these on a calendar, I have a list of destinations and reservations for a trip I’m planning.

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  2. I also like lists and at my age, I have to make lists to make sure I remember to get things done on time (like get the car inspected, get my license renewed, appointments, etc.). I have a grocery list, a list of birthdays (very large extended family so definitely need a list). I also have a daily to-do list. I have no bucket list. I’ve had a pretty full life and enjoy my home now.

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