Hydro Flask Hype?

The latest fashion trend is not something that you wear, rather something that you carry around.  If you are under 25, you probably have one right next to you right now.  You most likely have yours personalized with your name and some favorite stickers that give the average onlooker more insight to your preferences and current faves. Deciding on which one to purchase is next to impossible though.  God forbid if you pick the wrong color, size or lid.  It is all over then because they are so expensive ($30+) that the average middle schooler or middle ager can only afford to have one, at best!


You guessed it.  I am talking about the Hydro Flask craze. Almost everyone who is in Generation Z has one. It is so popular, that is considered to be one of the defined criteria to be a VSCO girl!


I am not sure if it is the fact that I am no longer grabbing a plastic Poland Spring water bottle on my way out of the door because I no longer go “out the door”, but something has me intrigued about the popularity of the Hydro Flask.  Yes, I love the trendy colors, but I am more interested in the functional use of it. Do they really keep my water at a consistent cold temperature?  While I was pondering whether or not the cost would be worth the benefit, I began thinking about drinking water in general.  

We all know that everything in life tends to be cyclical and water is no exception.  For years we drank water right out of the tap or bubbler (for those of my readers who are not from MA, a “bubblah” is the same thing as a water fountain, not some drug paraphernalia!) Then came the bottled water phase, which I must confess that I was a guilty participant.  Now, with landfills filled to excess with the empty plastic bottles, more environmentally responsible consumers are going back to basics.  Alas, the Hydro Flask  craze was born.

Here is my dilemma.  I care about the environment and want to do my part to reduce my carbon footprint, but I have a preference for the taste of some bottled waters.  If I am to be truly honest with you, my absolute favorite is Voss.  No judgements please.  I discovered it through an ordering accident at a restaurant and was pleasantly surprised that a $5 bottle of water could taste amazingly refreshing!  I rarely buy it, because it is a ridiculous amount of money to spend.  But, if I want a treat, I do splurge!  My husband has also been known to buy me Voss as a present.  Not only is he romantic, he is also generous! 

Otherwise, I tend to gravitate towards Poland Springs. I am considering ordering the large jugs through home delivery and a refillable bottle to take with me on the rare occasion that I leave my home.  

So…is the Hydro Flask really worth the hype? And the cost?  Should I go with the Yeti brand, which is the brand of my beloved travel coffee mug? Should I not care what others think and continue to buy the plastic bottles and recycle them? Should I just drink the tap water and get over myself?

What are you currently using?  Please share your thoughts and help me solve my latest dilemma!