2020’s Hottest Fashion Trend


Fashion trends define eras. 

The 1950s will be forever remembered for poodle skirts and cardigan sweaters. 

The 1960s brought mini skirts, go-go boots and plaid pants. 

The 1970s saw the arrival of bold prints, bell-bottom pants and prairie style dresses.

The 1980s was the era of spandex, leg warmers and neon colors.

The 1990s brought colored jeans, overalls and pleather (plastic leather!).

The 2000s had us dressing up and down with jeans…capris, bedazzled and pocketless.

The 2010s was the decade of the leggings, skinny jeans and boots.

Here we are in 2020 and the first fashion trend has arrived… The Face Covering!

Since it looks like this trend will be around for a while, I thought I would spend some time going over the benefits the hottest and safest fashion item of the year David Letterman “Top 10” style.

  1. Think about the time and money that women will now be saving on make-up.  No need to apply foundation, blush or lipstick. You only need to worry about your eyes and forehead.   Who cares about double chins, acne or cold sores now? Just throw your face covering on and no one will be the wiser!
  2. Your ears can only take so much elastic, so you can invest in a matching headband.  Who doesn’t love a little accessorizing?
  3. Fashion designers are now going to design outfits with a coordinating face covering, taking the angst of trying to match what you wear away from you.
  4. When someone slips a SBD or you visit New Jersey, you now have some protection from the putrid odor.
  5. You can hide your smirks and gasps, allowing you to feel a bit more relaxed when experiencing awkward situations.
  6. It is a built in nose wiper!  No need to worry if you forgot to keep that tissue in your pocket. Simply give your face covering a little rub and it is all taken care of.
  7. The phrase “cover your cough” will be gone.  You will no longer have to raise your elbow.  You will have the freedom to just to let it out!
  8. You carry an instant conversation starter right on your face.  So, when meeting strangers, you can begin with “I notice you are a dog lover too” or “How about those Red Sox?”
  9. Gone will be the awkward “sunglasses tan lines”.  Your entire face will be protected from the sun’s damaging UV rays.
  10. The best benefit to wearing a face covering is that we can provide ourselves and others with some protection against germs of all kinds.

I am not going to lie to you.  There is not one part of me that is looking forward to wearing a face covering on a daily basis. I can assume you agree.  But, if it allows us to return to some sense of normalcy, including socializing, I am all for it.  And when we find ourselves frustrated with it, we now have a list of ten reasons why wearing one may not be so bad!

Coordinating my mask and headband!

2 thoughts on “2020’s Hottest Fashion Trend

  1. Great blog, Julie. I “assume” the mask you are wearing was made by you…. Very pretty I must say. I just got my results from Corvid 19 test and I am clear. I was told to keep doing what I am doing – wearing a face mask, distancing, and washing my hands. So I guess face masks are going to be fashionable for some time to come. It will be interesting to see the different face masks going forward. I saw a little girl on Saturday while picking up flowers with a matching face mask, dress, and hair ribbon. Adorable! Take care and stay safe.

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