Everything Is Better With A Little Flair

What color am I in the mood to write with today?  Coral or teal? 

Hmmm. Coral. I am definitely in a coral kind of mood so I grab the orange-pink Paper Mate Flair pen from my pen bag and begin to write.  My eyes marvel at the way the color absorbs into the paper with just the right amount of diffusion.  Not so thin that it is hard to read, but not so thick that it bleeds.  I take my time as I write, enjoying the way the cheerful color contrasts with the stark white paper.  Each letter closely resembles the writing I use when I am teaching my students how to properly form them.  I pause to admire my penmanship.

This feeling never happens when I use a ballpoint pen.  My writing with a plain, old pen resembles a mixture of partially formed cursive and print letters that only I am able to read.  This is the exact reason that I use a ballpoint pen when I am writing sticky notes after conferencing with a student.  I want to keep what is discussed un-decodable to their phonetic eyes.  I can’t do that with a Flair pen.  That would be disrespectful.

My headings are done and it is now time to list the lessons under each subject.  Decision time.  Should I choose a complementary color such as yellow or go bold and pick up the teal pen that I dismissed only minutes earlier?

Or, I could also switch to using a gel pen.  There is a similar array of colors available in that bag too.  But, I don’t feel like chancing the fact that I may get wet gel ink on the side of my pinky and a big smear on my paper, so I push that bag aside.

Back to my Flair bag I go and take out the neglected teal Flair pen.  I carefully craft the learning  targets for Monday. Wow.  It’s looks beautiful.

Decision time again.  Should I switch to a different color for Tuesday?  Well, I have the 24 pack, so why stick with just two colors when I can use more?  I take out a vibrant pink Flair and begin to write.

My plan book begins to resemble the Lilly Pulitzer storefront in Key West. I smile.

Yes, it is the little things that make planning on a Sunday slightly more tolerable.  Flair pens are definitely one of them!

What do you use to motivate yourself to do something when you would rather be doing anything else?


4 thoughts on “Everything Is Better With A Little Flair

  1. I’m with you. Pens and markers can turn my frown upside down. I first discovered the love of markers and notes in middle school when I was bored in Earth Science. Using markers changed everything. It is the little things. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Nothing like a colorful array of flairs to make any dull task exciting is what I say! I actually have my cup of colors out right now as I take notes on a heavy book I’m reading. As you said it motivates!

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  3. It is the little things that make all the difference. I love Flair pens. And I am in general very fussy about the pen I write with! Kids love Flairs as well. They are smooth and bright. I love that you dedicated your post to living life with a little flair!

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