Hockey Mom Hankering

When my son was six, my husband signed him up for Mite hockey.  I was adamant at the time that this was “their thing.”  I did not know anything about hockey. (Unless you count the fact that it was played on ice and watching the fights was the best part of the game.)  I would go to his games, but I did not want to be tasked with getting him dressed before a game or practice.  

My husband agreed to this plan for about…a day.  

On the evening of his first practice, he called me in a panic.

“You will need to bring Ryan to practice.” he said. “I am stuck at work.”

“I have no idea how to get him ready.” I replied.  

“Don’t worry.  Someone will help you.”

So, I drove to the rink and carried my son’s equipment into the locker room.  I went to the first official looking man and asked him point blank,  “Can you help me?”  

I must have looked pretty pathetic, because he said he would without even blinking.  

Fast forward a few days to when Ryan played his first game. He could barely skate with the puck, but  I was yelling and cheering like nobody’s business.  I was hooked. There was no turning back now.  I had officially become a Hockey Mom.

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Over the next several months, I was a dedicated student of the game.  I learned the rules, the lingo and when it was time for him to dress himself.  (Yes, I was a originally a helicopter hockey mom!)

From Facebook's, Real Women Love Hockey! Parenting, you're doing it right.

When Ryan switched to a select travel team, my husband and I signed on as Team Managers.  Essentially, we were the “Julie McCoys” of the hockey team.  We planned everything from team practice jerseys, to tournament accommodations and everything else in between.  I spent more time at the rink and in my car than I did in my own home on the weekends. 

I loved every minute of it.

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Ryan continued to play in High School. While our travel decreased, my enthusiasm for the sport increased twofold.  I would not miss a game for anything.  I was thrilled when he was selected as a Captain his senior year.  It meant Team Manager 2.0 for me.

Currently Ryan plays for a college about 900 miles away.  I haven’t been able to watch him play a game in person in over a year and I am having major withdrawals.  My only solace is  looking forward to being able to go next year.  

I have come to realize, you can take the Mom out of hockey. But you can not take the love away from a Hockey Mom.


8 thoughts on “Hockey Mom Hankering

  1. I miss watching him play so much!! You’re the best “hockey” Mom, I know!! I now understand how you feel! Except I’m the soccer/basketball Mom!!! My goal is to get to South Carolina to watch him play!!!

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  2. A friend of mine just posted a picture of her and her family at the monster truck drive through event. She shared she crossed another item off her “never would I ever imagine…” pre-kids list .” Sounds like you had a similar list but now so glad it remained on the list! Hard to miss those important events when the kids go off to college! They are little only once and you certainly embraced those days

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