Short and sweet…Go Gamecocks

My new favorite pastime is watching Women’s College Basketball. My hobby began last year, but unfortunately, COVID cancelled the tournament so this year is my first time watching it all the way through. And, what a tournament it has been!
I meant to write today’s slice last night, but I was up late watching games. I am scrambling to write tonight, because there are more games on. Not only that, my favorite team is playing for a chance to play in the Final Four.
So, I am keeping it short and sweet….Go Gamecocks!


5 thoughts on “Short and sweet…Go Gamecocks

  1. I could sense the urgency in your words signaling your desire to not miss a hoop. I’ll keep my words brief so you can get to the games!
    One more day! It’s been a pleasure being your welcome wagon hostess for the month. Hope you stay for slice of life Tuesday.

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